Frequently Asked Questions

Which timeframe are we talking about for a "whole" year?

We collected all matches from Preseason 2023 and Season 2023. This means that data started with Patch 12.23 (16 Nov 2022) and ended with Patch 13.24 (9 Jan 2024) (aka season 13).

Did you actually collect all games?

Yes! We collected all publicly available games. "Publicly available" means everything but Practice Tool and Custom Games (and Tencent).

Hey my Pentakill/Longest Game/… is missing in the data!

We suggest getting more pentakills so that you lose track of them and can't tell if one is missing next year. Seriously though, there are some edge cases where the data insertion on Riot's side failed or was so broken that we had to exclude it. We considered letting you download the damaged data, but there are multiple millions games of which most are completely empty which means we wouldn't even know in which games you were part of and it would be not practical to store them.

Which games do you not have data for?

We do not have data for Customs, Practice Tool, and games from Tencent. Data for Coop vs AI is also limited. Some data is lost because of bugs, see "Hey my Pentakill/Longest Game/… is missing in the data!". For example, remember the Viego Mejai's bug from 2021? Games with bugs like that get excluded from the data.


After a series of unfortunate events in early 2021, geozukunft (the backend guy) had the unfortunate idea to do this and then said the most cursed words, "How much work can it be?" (It can be a lot of work.)

How much money are you wasting on this?

That's a secret, but we can tell you we've wasted more money on this site than we've wasted time in LoL.

Could you add x stat to the profile?

Not for 2023, but future years, absolutely! (As long as we haven't started the ingestion process yet.) Contact us and we'll see what we can do.

Why are my button presses on Katarina E and Xin Zhao E missing?

Ever since button pressed data was introduced into the API, there's been a bug where Katarina's E and Xin Zhao's E button counts are always 0. Riot is aware of this issue but there is no timeline on if and when this will be fixed.

How can I reach out to you?

Check out on the ways you can message us on the Contact Page.

I have a problem which is not answered on the FAQ!

Check out on the ways you can message us on the Contact Page.

I found a bug!

Please report it via one of our contact channels.

Can I help you with the project?

Check out on the ways you can message us on the Contact Page and we'll talk about it.

What are these Queue Groups you keep talking about?

It wouldn't make sense to combine all the data into one single blob per player as there are just to many differences between say for example SoloQ and URF. This is why we grouped the different game modes (officially known as queues). We have following groups: Ranked Solo: SoloQ Ranked Team: FlexQ, Clash Normal: Normal Draft, Normal Blind, Quick Play ARAM: Normal ARAM, ARAM Clash URF: URF, ARURF NB: Nexus Blitz Arena: Arena (2v2v2v2) AI: Tutorial 1-3, Coop vs AI Intro, Coop vs AI Beginner, Coop vs AI Intermediate

I pinged way more often than that!

With the overhaul of pings during preseason 2023, Riot introduced ping data to their match data, which is what we process. Unfortunately, some of the data is missing altogether or almost always stuck on 0 even when we look at our own games where were pinging in deliberate ways to trigger updates of data. So, until this gets fixed on their end, our data will be missing (mis-ping?). If this makes you sad, there's a ping emoji in our Discord server that you can spam (within reason).

How come you don't have a translation into my language?

We translated into as many languages as we could find volunteers for. If we don't have your language, and you're interested in volunteering, we'd LOVE to have you! Please join our Discord server (check our Contact Page) and let us know you want to help!