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How many games were played in League of Legends 2023?


How many League of Legends matches were played in total in 2023?

In 2023, summoners played 1,486,846,932 games total. That's more than 41 games started per second!

What patch was players' favorite?

Based on number of games played, 12.23 was played the most, with 163,517,222 games total.

How many pentakills did the total playerbase get in 2023?

58,262,440. All of them official!

How many kills did the total playerbase get?

104,432,185,414 kills in total! Together with 171,342,748,130 assists by teammates.

What’s the playerbase’s global CS score?

1,291,577,805,721. If that sounds like a lot, don't ask how many cannon creeps got missed. (We actually don't have the data for that.)

I can't see you! What’s the playerbase’s global vision score?

Everyone’s total vision score is 187,466,499,610. On average, each player contributed 12.6 per game.

Which queues did people play in the most?

How many buttons did we press? And how much do our keyboards hate us?

The total playerbase pressed 2,916,035,658,399 keys in total. The average mechanical keyboard switch can sustain 50,000,000 total presses, so collectively we destroyed 560 full-size keyboards.

Riot balance quiz: Which champions had the highest & lowest winrates in 2023 as a whole?

Highest: Singed, with a winrate of 52.8396%. Lowest: LeBlanc, with a winrate of 45.3885%.

Regardless of winrate, which champions were played the most & the least?

Most popular champion: Lux Least popular champion: Skarner Teemo popularity rank: 33/166

How much does the LoL community spam pings?

Enough for 182,517,318,017 pings total! That’s 12.28 pings per player per game.

Think you can Guess that Ping Score on a global scale?

ARAS time! (All Random ARAM Stats)

16562485940 total snowballs were thrown! 2542433 players played Snowball in all of their games. 240110 players played at least 10 ARAM games and took Snowball in all of them. 6490 ARAM games lasted longer than 60 minutes Sion had the highest ARAM winrate, at 53.7888%. LeBlanc had the lowest ARAM winrate, at 43.1542%. Players worked together to explode 111317102 poros! 15228970 players took Exhaust at least once. In total, Exhaust was taken 32459661 times. 39232589 total pentakills were secured in ARAM.

How much teamwork did we experience?


Have you learned the meaning of teamwork? Of relying on strangers in a video game to carry you to victory, as you play your part in a symphony of precision understood by less than .01% of the world? This is what it means to die in League of Legends. To have exerted your champion to its limits - and then past them. Knowing that four people you have never met will bring you to victory. An unparalleled experience. Try grey-screening in LoL today.


Naptime! The playerbase spent 945.7 centuries looking at grey screens. This is out of a total 6,799.7 centuries played, or 13.9% of the time.

One-trick callout time! How many unique champions did we play on average? (In SoloQ)